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The IDID Pipeline Initiative was created to cultivate, nurture, and mentor underrepresented minority students attending college, for careers as dental professionals. Participation in this program should assist applicants in becoming more competitive and better prepared for dental school. The number of graduates of dental programs should reflect their representation in the population and the communities in which they will serve.

IDID partnered with Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and was awarded the Dental Pipeline National Learning Institute (NLI) grant. In addition to the national learning workshops and online sessions this partnership allowed IDID Scholars to have an enrichment experience at Tufts. May 20 -21, nineteen (19) DAT Prep group students traveled to Boston for the IDID Symposium at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. The students commented that this was a great experience for dental exposure and enrichment and we thoroughly enjoyed touring the city when we arrived on Tuesday. Dr. Robert Kasberg, Associate Dean of Admissions and Students, several faculty members, SNDA, and HDA, all welcomed the students with an outstanding program, which included preclinical preparation and restoration of teeth, tour of the beautiful new dental school, and interacting with students and faculty. 

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What Our Scholars Say

“…as an IDID Scholar, you’re truly part of a distinguished group with great support” –Gary

“As an IDID Scholar, I am provided with a rich plethora of resources and invaluable mentorship on my journey to becoming a dentist”- Akia

“…the knowledge I have gained thus far has been phenomenal” -Brittany

Program Features

  • Meet and Shadow local dentists
  • Individual academic counseling
  • DAT Preparation
  • Summer Enrichment Opportunities
  • Dental Awareness Week
  • Dental School Admissions Criteria

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A Great Opportunity

  • Exposure and experiences in oral healthcare
  • Academic enrichment
  • Application preparation
  • NDA Annual Convention
  • Stipends
  • Community Service
  • Career mentoring
  • Diirector/student/mentor activities