Meet The Board

Dr. DeVonte Johnson 

Dentist, entrepreneur and activist is a native of Atlanta,GA. 

DeVonte is a D’21 graduate of Tufts University .He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Tennessee State University and his Master of Biomedical Sciences from Duke University. 

Globally, he has been working on oral health programs to meet the needs of underserved communities. It is here at Tufts University where he piloted the first global service learning program to Uganda. In (insert year), he traveled to Kampala, Uganda for a second time to conduct his Smile for Uganda campaign. For a country of 30 million, Uganda has roughly 350 dentists. To address this dire need, the campaign focuses on oral health awareness and intervention. Through a partnership with International Paramedical Institute-Maya, they set up free clinics throughout the year to attack these issues head on. 

This is just the beginning of his work as he sees it. He plans to continue building his brand in a way that can serve the communities that need it the most, both locally and globally.