Muslims and marriage guidance. A married relationship therapist recommends partners with psychological or other difficulties that are personal.


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I will be therefore sorry to listen to about

I’m therefore sorry to listen to regarding your situation. I am a girl myself and I also would ever guess that which you must be going right through. I might never ever desire to share my hubby with anyone either. We admire your kindness and patience sis. However your spouse must once realize that a vow created before marriage is really a promise forever. How do he just forget about this vow and attempt to pursue other ladies? If he actually has eyes just for you considering that the start, exactly how on the planet did he get drawn to this Egyptian girl? which means he talks about ladies and refrains from bringing down their look? this might be therefore sinful.. please remind him with this. it may be that shaitaan is tricks that are playing their brain by enhancing the fitnah around him, similar to this woman.. and being in riyadh, this would be tough but appears like it isn’t. make sure he understands in an attempt to fast to decrease their intimate appetite.. this may assist according to the hadith, where in actuality the prophet stated that if one cant afford to have hitched he then must fast. it may appear to be a worthless solution but there is no damage in trying. the prophet’s terms can never ever be incorrect in sha Allah. You are thought by me should provide him these tips. Also please ask him just how he’d feel in the event that you married another guy? exactly just exactly how would he feel in the event that exact same form of thing took place to his or her own daughter? it’s perhaps perhaps not fair.. people should not make claims they can not keep! and also as for that selfish egyptian girl, whenever you can speak to her parents or anybody, do this! or perhaps you can grumble to your HR department in your spouse’s workplace! relationships between workers in a workplace is strictly forbidden! she actually is luring him into sin and also this isn’t right. so you remarked that your spouse does not have a work right now therefore engaged and getting married once more may be out of issue as he will not really have the ability to do justice! please reply straight straight back if you want to talk in sha Allah..

additionally, I really hope allah makes this possible for you. don’t be concerned cousin. Allah is by using you. Simply pray tahajjud time and night utilizing the yaqeen that things will go on your side and Allah can help you cousin.

Assalamualaikum i’ve come right right right here to talk about my dilemmas pertaining to the individual I adore. I’m very sorry which you dudes need certainly to look at this long tale. But this will be about my death and life u can state and I also only arrived right here for the assistance. We met this man online title shakeel in reality he approached if you ask me. He knew me personally through my first love, adnan,who we also met on facebook. Nevertheless we split up with adnan once and for all as he had great deal of affairs and had been a womanizer. Anyhow so shakeel( my very first enthusiast’s fri3md) approached to me personally asking just exactly exactly how was i and just how ended up being every thing. I became simple but my replies weren’t therefore type when I knew he was friend that is closest of betrayer. But somehow he instantly begun to enrage confessing just how much he has got been loving me personally for a long time and that just how adnan and me have actually ruined his life, he also stated that their elder sis in london and aunt that is maternal me for the. He was asked by me and was like shocked. He was asked by me exactly just just what did we also do and I also never ever knew he liked me personally.