Scout Scouts directly look like a rather larger player with different oval sacs on the brain.

The lookout (often referred to as “Tentacles,” “Tendrils,” or “Feeler”) is just one of the special opponents through the complex and act as a power multiplier by alerting and calling opponents for the user. The lookout is amongst the very few opposition found which do not rest, alternatively actively patrolling the company’s specific segments and periodically increasing prolonged tendrils in order to locate hazards. If a person comes in contact with the tendrils (or feelers), it will produce a loud yell, getting out of bed any local enemies and creating new ones nearby.


Scouts strongly resemble a somewhat bigger Shooter with distinct oval sacs on their head. While they talk about much the same appearance to Shooters, they place a great deal of tendrils utilized to find hazards. These best appear after lookout is certainly not patrolling instead of surprised. Unlike sleepers, which glow bright red, Scouts will beam a definite light-blue coloring when informed.


The Scout have a probability of spawning only in some rooms, many of which are important to the completion of a goal. They generate a sound like noisy, blank footsteps while they run. This audio try audible through doors, permitting professionals discover prior to her appeal.

Behavior [ ]

The Scout’s biggest function is to find players when they are in stealth. It can do this by patrolling rooms in a random design, making it hard envision the techniques. It regularly runs the long tendrils in all directions, then when it generates exposure to any user it’s alerted associated with player’s existence. This makes the Scout difficult to means for a silent melee kill.

Whenever informed through get in touch with made with the tendrils, they will glow reddish as well as the Scout will retract them for a short length before giving off a blue light and shouting. This lamp additionally indicates the invulnerability within this bill and scream time. Loud disturbance in the same place like gunfire, a sleeper dying (close by), also informed sleepers’ shouts will quickly result in the Scout. Immediate contact or an attack which will not destroy they quickly may also instantaneously cause they.

The Scout’s yell will notify opposition in today’s space, it’ll spawn extra wave of opponents additionally with the latest demons of the map, which recently spawned opponents can scream and wake nearby suite if athletes is close. If way too nearby, the lookout’s shout will fleetingly deafen the ball player.

After the yell, the lookout would be stunned on the floor for several moments (determine screen grab below), subsequently being insecure again and aggressive. The lookout enjoys a medium quantity of fitness, and its combat models are particularly very similar to those of top Shooters. Inadequate melee assaults, they helps to keep its point, firing bursts of four projectiles inside the players, all of them dealing 4% problems. If murdered after becoming notified, it’s going to make a loud and big growling audio.

Tricks [ ]

The Scout must be killed in a really short span time to be able to protect against it from coming to be invulnerable. It is recommended to measure the entirety of a situation before assaulting they (entrances to keep shut, markets to retreat to, etc.).

Stealth destroy [ ]

  • A fully chargedmelee hit-in the head will stealth destroy a Scout. The disc player are able to use C-foam in order to make this task easier and much less unsafe, this provides an added five seconds to complete the eliminate (nevertheless requires a charged melee approach). This may easily even be finished once a Scout’s tendrils tend to be offered if there won’t be any sleepers across, because there would be a smallish cycle (2 mere seconds) after coming in contact with the tendrils the best places to however eliminate they earlier shouts.
  • The sniper rifle will one-shot a Scout for the head. The harm is generally silent when pro kills they from far and from a unique area (35 m appear to be the smallest amount of required).

Typical kill [ ]

  • a mine can be placed regarding the lookout’s upper body road to detonate and one-shot it. (mention: be aware never to set the mine with its lazer promptly pressing the Scout, the mine will burst in the professional)
  • The push shotgun will remove a Scout within picture, assuming the disc player is definitely close enough to improve pellets struck either the pinnacle as well as the back. Headshots are simpler to attain after the Scout bends along.